maandag 28 december 2009

Armin van Buuren doesn't exist

Lately a lot of people have been asking me why Armin's productions are no longer being produced by himself but by Benno de Goeij, well know from Rank 1.

Well today I can finally unleash the truth!

Anyone ever notice that you never see Armin and Benno at the same place at the same time? And if you see Benno he's always wearing either a white or a black dress shirt? I'll tell you why that is: Armin van Buuren doesn't really exist. The guy we all think is Armin is actually Benno de Goeij with a wig.

Don't believe me? Okay so on the right there is a picture of Benno and on the left we have "Armin":

This is how we know them. Now watch what happens when you take Armin's wig and superimpose it on Benno's head:

See? Spitting image! I think Benno came up with this "Armin van Buuren" alias to make some extra cash from producing cheesy pop trance tunes, which he didn't want to release under his Rank 1 name. The whole thing just got a bit out of hand :D