zaterdag 14 juni 2008

What’s Up With All These Capitals?

One Thing I Have Never Understood Is Why The Music Industry Always Uses All Capitals When Writing The Name Of A Track On A Single Or Album. I Mean Besides Thirteen Year Old Breezah Sluts On MSN Have You Ever Seen Anybody Write This Way? Okay The Germans Use All Capitals On Their Nouns But That Still Doesn't Look Remotely As Silly As This. The Funny Thing Is That It Seems To Be Some Form Of Industry Standard; Everybody Does It. Even The Brilliant Discogs.Com Web Archive Of Everything Ever Released Has Installed A Checker Module To Prevent Anyone From Making The Horrible Mistake Of Entering A Word That Does Not Start With A Capital. Your Entry Contains Capitalization Errors. Duh!

Capitalization, The Word Itself Is Already Totally Ridiculous. I Hereby Call On Everybody Reading This To Stop This Nonsense. Start Editing Your ID3 Tags And Bring Normal Writing Into Music. United We Can Make A Difference :P