dinsdag 11 november 2008

Warning, you are a law abiding customer!

You have purchased our dvd product legally which makes you an utter fool and therefore we are forced to punish you by making you look endlessly at big black screens full of legal crap about not being allowed to play this dvd on an oil rig. Preferably in 53 different languages. And if that's not enough of a warning we will also annoy you with unwanted, intrusive and loud video clips about how illegal it is to download movies. Which of course are blocked from skipping or fast forwarding. That will teach you to buy our official product another time you criminal. So you think you're finally gonna see that movie that you payed for eh? You must be a fuckin' moron. First here's 10 trailers for other dvds you're probably not interested in but we are going to ram into your face anyway. Eat that you stupid legal dvd buyer.

No wonder people buy pirated dvds. The only way nowadays to watch a movie without having to sit through an endless stream of unwanted crap first. Way to go movie industry.

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